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Tom Pfeifle 5k Run/Walk • June 29, 2019 • Founders Park

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The Tom Pfeifle Memorial 5k Run/Walk is an annual event held in loving memory of Tom Pfeifle. We gather to run, walk, raise funds for the outdoors, and be together.  The 2019 event will be on June 29, starting at Founders Park and routed on the bike path.
We gather to celebrate the things that Tom loved—the outdoors, exercise, and  community. By gathering in his memory, we reinforce our favorite memories of Tom: a life filled with friends, laughter, kindness, and adventures. 

All proceeds will benefit the NEW Raider Park running and biking trails at Stevens High School open for use by Rapid City Public Schools students, staff and all members of the community.

​Family and friends are welcome to join!
Strollers and Strider bikes encouraged. Dogs are discouraged.

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be the sole beneficiary of the proceeds from the 2019 Tom Pfeifle Memorial 5k Run/Walk event.

Raider Park encompasses more than 30 acres of a mix of flat and rolling terrain. The land upon which Raider Park sits is owned by the Rapid City Area School District. The School Board has given permission to Stevens High School teachers, Seth Keene and Tom Keck, to lead the development of this park, but with no school funding. This challenge has been fully embraced: hundreds of hours of volunteer time have gone into clearing trash and downed limbs; trimming trees; mapping and identifying trails. Running, biking and trail groups have
been active volunteers and supporters. Raider Park is the recipient of $60,000.00 from the 2018 Tom Pfeifle Memorial 5K Run/Walk which is a 501(c)(3) organization. This organization seeks to promote and advance the development of Raider Park.

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