Raider Park

Raider Park at Stevens High School was and is the sole beneficiary of the proceeds from the 2018 and 2019 Tom Pfeifle event, the 2020 Virtual event, the 2021 5k Run/Walk held for the first time at Raider Park, the 2022 5k Run/Walk, and the 2023 5k Run/Walk.

Dedication of the Tom Pfeifle Trails at Raider Park, Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Raider Park continues to be the sole beneficiary of proceeds from the Tom Pfeifle Memorial Sk Run/Walk Events. Located across the street to the north of Stevens High School, Raider Park is home to hiking and biking trails that wind through the 38 acres. The rolling terrain supports native trees as well as dozens of fruit trees that make up the arboretum.

Work in the park over the past year has included reclamation of damaged areas, increased fencing, extension of the pedestrian trail for safe access to the school, improved drainage, resurfacing of the hiking trails, and improved signage to encourage leashes and clean up for pets. Significant use of the park requires regular maintenance and attention.

Going forward, the goals include work to ensure the pedestrian trail provides safe access for those with disabilities, refinement of the amphitheater with expectation of outdoor concerts being held in the park for school events, and to continue efforts to bring water to the arboretum and a student run garden.

The goals above involve collaboration by volunteers, students/staff and local professionals. To date, no school district funds have been used to develop the park. All improvements are the result of race proceeds, donations, volunteers, and grants. This private-public partnership has been so successful in large because of the outstanding financial support provided by participants and sponsors of the Tom Pfeifle Memorial Sk. We are grateful for your commitment to this piece of wilderness in the midst of the city and the oasis it provides for students, staff, neighbors, and community members. Please be sure to stop by and walk, bike, run, or hike on the paths and absorb the sounds of birds and wind in the trees.

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Raider Park in 2023

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Stevens graduate’s legacy lives in new park