Raider Park

Raider Park at Stevens High School was and is the sole beneficiary of the proceeds from the 2018 and 2019 Tom Pfeifle event, the 2020 Virtual event, and the 2021 5k Run/Walk held for the first time at Raider Park.

Dedication of the Tom Pfeifle Trails at Raider Park, Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Raider Park will be the sole beneficiary of the proceeds from the 2022 Tom Pfeifle Memorial 5k Run/Walk event. The 30+ acre park (located to the north of the Stevens High School campus) has seen a dramatic increase in use by students, staff, and members of the public. Raider Park was also host to an event in the Loren Kambestad Elementary XC series as well as all three of the Steeple Cross races last year.

Supporters of Raider Park are committed to increasing the opportunities to experience the park. The next phases of park development include:

• Design of outdoor classroom plaza
• Design and installation of the single track
trail system signposts
• Reclamation of abused areas
• Expansion of orchard and arboretum

Many of these endeavors will involve the collaboration of students/staff and local professionals. Raider Park supporters are focused on providing expanded educational opportunities through the design of the park as well as its use. No school district funds have been used to develop the park. All improvements are a result of donations, volunteers, and grants.
Financial support provided by participants and sponsors of the Tom Pfeifle Memorial 5k is so sincerely appreciated! Thanks to your generosity, great progress was made in the park in 2021. Access was improved to the park from all four park entrances with new walking paths. A new amphitheater was created that will host many school and community events in the future.

People love and protect what they value. Raider Park provides an opportunity for students and community to value outdoor exercise.  It will promote the ideals of individual and environmental health. It  provides hands on educational opportunities and environmental studies. It will afford both students and community members opportunities to “give back”. 

For more information or to contribute and be involved, please follow Raider Park or TomPfeifle5k on Facebook, or e-mail

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Raider Park in 2022

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Stevens graduate’s legacy lives in new park