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Premier Sponsors

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Gold Sponsors

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Silver Sponsors

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Paul Thorstenson
Diane Paulson
LRD Realty/Lisa Dorsey
Bangs McCullen Law Firm
Paul & Terry Rezich & Family
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
Security First Bank
Abourezk, Zephier, & Lafleur PC
Sound Pro
Carver Insurance

Lynn Jackson Shultz & Lebrun P.C.
Winnitoba Canoe Team
Thomas & Melanie Palm
Stec’s Advertising
Don & Lisa Knudsen
Black Hills Bicycles
Regional Health 

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Bronze Sponsors

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Black Hills String Retreat
ReMax Results
Amanda Kirschenman & Coldwell Banker
Solutions Chiropractic Clinic LLC
Vera Kowal/Dale Bachwich
Liv Hospitality
Ketel Thorsenson, LLP
Gunderson, Palmer, Nelson & Ashmore
Highmark Credit Union
Julius & Simpson LLP
Thomas L. Collins
Whillock Dental Arts
Kieffer Family Dental
Pennington Title
Privileged To Give
Black Hills Harley-Davidson
Philly Ted’s
Johnson, Eiesland and Rohl Trial Lawyers

Timmons Market 
Stevens Booster Club
David Wipf

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Royal Blue Sponsors

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Andrew Luks
Bob & Trish Swanhorst
Milton B.  Riise
ReMax Advantage
Roger & Janice Knutsen
Strain Chiropractic Clinic, Prof LLC
First Western Federal Savings Bank
First American Title
Jerry & Harriet Sorum
Pioneer Bank & Trust
South Canyon Lutheran Church Piecemakers
InVision Optical & Eye Care
Bode & Jesse McFarland
Peggy Gerke
Mike & Barbara Lewis
Rob Sorum
Todd & LeAnn Walhof
Lynn & Darren Paulson
Haggerty’s Musicworks

Neurosurgical & Spinal Surgery Associates P.C.
Kay Foust
U.S. Bank
Rapid City Paintless Dent Repair
Excellence in Computer Programming
Weathered Vane 
Ronda & Robert Gusinsky
Joleen Wilson